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Posted by Dan203 on 04-30-2004 05:08 AM:

I've been doing some experimenting, and something has me perplexed about this issue. Based on my rip tests the Pioneer unit records Basic at 320x480 and roughly 1.5Mbps, and Medium at 320x480 and roughly 3Mbps. Those are the exact same resolution/bitrate combinations used by standard Series 2 units! So why is there such a big difference in quality? They all use the same encoder chip, so it can;t be that. And the only difference in the stream is their audio format (SA TiVos record audio at 32KHz/192Mbps/MP2 format, while the Pioneer uses 48KHz/256Mbps/AC3 format) Is it possible that recording AC3 audio taxes the chip to the point of causing video distortion? Or maybe it's something simpler like a bad case design causing the chip to overheat?

If it's the former then I say dump AC3 and go back to MP2. (as long as it's 48KHz it's still legal for DVDs) And if it's the later then I think there should be some sort of recall invoked so that we can get units that work to their full potential.


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