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Posted by Peter000 on 05-01-2004 02:02 AM:

Originally posted by Bigg
as dumb as absurd as the idea of buying music online when there is kazzaa seems,[snip] Whats with buying music online though??? I could see buying it in the store, or dling off of kazzaa. i personally sample the music from kazaa, then buy the very best in the store. Anyways, most of the stuff on kazaa is .mp3 so it works with HMO.
If you "sample" music from kazaa, then buy it, why not just go to one source, "sample" and buy? Like iTunes or Napster? Napster from what I've heard will let you listen to the whole song before you buy. iTunes will only let you hear :30 but it's enough usually to get the gist. And almost every music group has a website that you can listen to some tracks for free.

Downloading copywritten music off of Kazaa is stealing, plain and simple. It's like going to the music store, shoplifting the CD then saying, "If I like it well enough, then I'll pay for it." There are plenty of other free ways to hear the music first before buying... such as in store CD sampling that almost every music store has these days. The downloading services almost always let you sample music. And there's radio stations, and internet radio (a whole lot of internet radio) that can introduce you to new sounds.

Sorry for the thread hijaak, but this issue is close to my heart. (and no I'm not part of the Music Association... I just know alot of struggling musicians who deserve more than having songs traded on Kazaa.)

Peter :D


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