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Posted by Bigg on 05-01-2004 05:10 AM:

THese artists must EARN their money, not just become rich overnight. Getting music from kazaa and stealing a cd are two different things. There was an actual cost for a company to make a cd. They paid nothing for kazaa's network, nothng for my 3000K cable connection. i learn about new artists, and am able to listen to their music in full a few times before I buy it in order to find the best. If I was not sampling on kazaa, i probably would just be listening to internet radio. This is why the music biz was booming in the dayz of free-for-all napster. And that was with a slow and expensive internet made up mostly of on-and-off dial-in connections, where today we have 3000+K cable connections with 256-384 uploads. Smart artisits plop their own mp3s into their shared folders. There was a colum in PCMag a while back that explained why napster was the perfect marketing tool for the artistis. I won't pay to download music, and i won't do PPV (if i had acces to it anyways). Call me old, even though I really am quite young, but I don't want to pay for an mp3 that i can just a s well get off kazaa in mp3, not the silly aac that nothing sees. A cd is a whole different thing as i can play it on my stereos, in my cd player, or really anywhere. Artists whp think kazaa hurts their business are DUMB. They need to realize that they should plant high quality versions of their work on kazaa, which is legal because it comes from them, and then they can sell more because of people being exposed to their music, and maybe just liking it. And if they aren't doing well, maybe its just because their music sucks, and they should get a REAL job.

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