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Posted by ursine1 on 05-05-2004 05:11 AM:

I'm very close to just accepting that Suggestions are now utterly useless. And that's a real shame.

I've restarted my TiVo a couple of times, but I haven't reset my thumbs (since the advice here was not to). I may try that as a last ditch effort to restore what was once a great feature.

I first posted about the issue way back on March 18th, and since then it's only gotten worse. I seldom even scroll down and check them out anymore, since it just means I'll have to spend time thumbing down most of the programs and deleting them. Shows that have absolutely no relation to anything I've got a SP for or have ever recorded or thumbed up.

Hey TiVo: I don't speak Korean, or Chinese. I have *never* recorded a single religious program, or anything on the History channel, or the NBC nightly news, or anything on the Weather channel, or random videos on MTV. And, no, I don't have a strong desire to watch paid infomercials.

I remember Suggestions working, way back when. Things got a little bit wacky after the change to a collaborative method, but eventually they adjusted and settled in to a respectable average of, IMHO, about 90% viable suggestions and 10% odd stuff, but ones that was generally understandable as to why they were suggested. Since March, however, it's been just surreal.

I know this is probably asking too much, but here's an example of how I wish suggestions worked. I *love* "Airline". I have an SP that's near the top of my SP Manager, and set to record all episodes, new and reruns. I've rated it 3 thumbs up. So, last night I'm watching an episode from Now Playing and I see a promo for a new show, "Airline UK", with an episode that followed Airline. At a time when my TiVo wasn't recording anything. I certainly would have loved to have TiVo suggest "Airline UK", rather than Korean language programs. I mean, it has an almost identical name and description!

To me, that's how Suggestions should work.

And love cannot be wrong.
- jobeth66

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