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Posted by Scott D on 05-13-2004 11:01 AM:

I would suggest a DLP TV instead. Not to say LCD is a terrible set. It's not. I look at TV's down the road where problems will start to develop. DLP TV's tend to be cheaper to fix and it takes very little time to repair thus you will be out a TV for much less time.

Also, the blue color tends to have a problem with LCD sets. Of coarse, during the tests that were done between LCD and DLP, these sets were run continuously and the blue colors on ALL the LCD sets were bad. If you do buy a LCD set, I tend to lean towards the side that you may never see this problem, but if you do, that is just one of the natures of LCD sets.

Keep in mind, I am not saying DLP TV's are perfect. They are not. Such as the rainbow effect. Also a DMD chip failure. Even so, a DMD chip is easier to fix than to replace 3 screens, one screen being red, blue and green.

Still, all in all, I'd say LCD and DLP TV's are very comparable to one another in quality and price.

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