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Posted by Geof in CO on 05-13-2004 08:34 PM:

Originally posted by gfb107
This probably isn't what you want to hear, but why in the world do you care about the guide? Maybe you guys have only recently joined the world of TiVo, but the whole point of TiVo is to record what you want to watch so you can watch it on your schedule. I NEVER watch Live TV anymore. If you are watching Live TV, you aren't recoding enough.
Well for one thing I don't what to sit down and pre-plan everything I may or may not want to watch. I'm not picking on you but all you TiVo'ers think this is Gods gift to TV. I am happy for you but I view the TiVo a bit differently. Sure I like it can record stuff and I like that I can play it back at a time of my chosing, and I like that I can FF thru the commercials. But I also like to maybe watch something right now that I'm in the mood for right now. Using the guide shouldn't be a slow or as painful as TiVo has made it. Personally I think they've intentionaly hampered it to force people to avoid using it (and thus become assimilated to the TiVo way). I just don't see how anyone in their right minds would think that guide speed is acceptable unless there was a deliberate purpose and intent behind it's slow speed.

Everyone who is bothered by the slow guide should complain to DirecTv. I did (used the technical feedback email address from the DirecTv site). I don't know if it will do any good but I am quite positive that they won't do a damn thing to fix it/speed it up if no one complains.

/end rant

PS: I do not mean to disparage long time TiVo users so please do not get offended and please do not try to tell me that slow-ass guide is acceptable.


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