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Posted by Geof in CO on 05-13-2004 09:23 PM:

Originally posted by bbodin

If you're not doing the above, you're really using the Tivo as a glorified VCR..which is fine, but $1000 is a bit much to pay for a vcr. And given that the machine is not meant for that, that is why there has been little prioritization for a fast non-list guide from DirectTV.
Well for one thing I didn't pay $1000, I paid $899. Secondly, I needed/wanted a second HD receiver. Third, the better HD receivers out there cost over $600 last time I looked. The delta price between a "plain ole" HD receiver versus a TiVo wasn't enough to keep me from buying the TiVo. Like I said, I do like it's capabilities and I do use it as "intended" (in fact Survivor and CSI will both be recorded for viewing later this evening) but I also want to be able to "surf". There is absofickenlutely no good reason why the guide has to be so encumbered speed wise. It certainly would not have any operational affect on the way most TiVo'ers use their TiVo's but it would have great benefits to those of us who are not fully assimilated.


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