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Posted by avNeophyte on 05-13-2004 11:57 PM:

Originally posted by borghe
You can do the same thing on Tivo guide. just go to the block of channels and hit ffwd to advance it a half hour at a time.

Either I'm missing a capability of the TiVo guide or you don't fully appreciate the benefits of a good D* guide. With a good D* guide, you can see AT ONE TIME (without having to push buttons to page through the data) the current and upcoming (say next 2 to 4 hours) programming for a block of channels (8 to 10 usually).

I have a TiVo and you can't do that with the TiVo guide. You can nearly do it with the TiVo's D* guide but it has several limitations. First (and foremost) is that it is unbearably slow. I'm a channel surfer and I like to page through lots of channel blocks with the D* guide to quickly scan what is on and coming up on all of the channels I typically watch. It would take hours to do that with either of the TiVo's current guides. I know that 'hours' is an exageration but it is too slow to use! Secondly, the D* guide doesn't show enough channels on one screen at one time. Thirdly, the D* guide on the TiVo doesn't show a large enough time span on the screen at one time.

To be blunt, IT JUST SUCKS!

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