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Posted by borghe on 05-14-2004 12:12 AM:

avneophyte - ok, either you are not getting what I am saying or you are WAY to picky.

go to a group of channels on the Tivo guide. you see everything that is on those channels right now at this half hour timeslot. Now press ffwd to go ahead a half hour. again for another half hour. page down and see the next block for that half hour. rwd to go back half an hour.

so there you go... viewing hours in advance on a large block of channels..

now by comparison, the E86.. oh yeah.. sure you could see the next 2-4 hours, butgo ahead a half hour on that.. it could take up to 10 seconds to go ahead. try viwewing what was going to be on 10 hours ahead on a channel and it could take up to a minute or more just to get there. Tivo I can view tomorrows listings on a channel in a few seconds. I can view tomorrows listings on a block of channels in a few seconds...

I really am not getting this major downside.. as far as I can see, it's different and that's all.. I still don't see what you are actually losing. On the DirecTV grid guide you can see hours in advance on a block of channels, on the Tivo guide you can see hours in advance on a block of channels... the same thing, you just accomplish it differently.

Originally posted by avNeophyte
DVRs currently have a very small market penetration. I personally think that is going to change very quickly. Having the largest market share among the early adopters is no guarantee of success in the long term.

TiVo won't be in business long if their decision makers think like you do. They have a great product but they won't survive if they don't keep improving it. This is going to be a very competitive market space.

if they don't keep improving it? you are kidding, right? they already have season passes, wishlists, tuned suggestions and suggestion based recording, things no one else has. They also on SA (and presumably eventually DirecTV boxes) have HMO which allows for organization of your shows, transferring your shows between units, and web based scheduling. They have upcoming the ability to transfer shows to your computer, watching on your computer, and recoding to DVD-R.. They have stand alone DVD recorders with the system and service built in. They now offer a basic service on SAs and soon on DirecTV boxes as well with no monthly fee...

and you are saying they don't innovate because the guide you want to use is slow? wow.. just wow...

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