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Posted by borghe on 05-14-2004 12:40 AM:

ok, I won't get all surly anymore, I will just describe how I channel surf..

if I just want to watch something, I will page down and see if anything is on right now. if it is within 10 minutes of the next half hour I will go ahead to the next timeslot (if it isn't there in 10 minutes I don't want to catch the last 10 minutes of it). For me, knowing what is on beyond the next 40 minutes isn't channel surfing, now you are bordering on "planning" your TV.. and in planning what I am going to watch, I would rather flip to Now Showing than wait 1.5 hours for it to come on....

other channel surfing I do is with Wishlists.. I have category wishlists setup for most movie categories.. I go to the wishlist, select the genre (western, horror, comedy), and page down and see what's currently on (almost always something doing it this way) and seeing what is coming up.

I guess my main thing is you guys are screaming saying it's worse... Well, to be honest I don't remember using a directv grid guide regularly (you'll have to forgive me, it was in early '01), but what I do know is that I wouldn't trade my Tivo guide for the world.. I used a grid guide for occasional viewing on my E86 and at the in-law's for cable, and I just think to myself, uggghh... how slow and cumbersome (their guide is around as fast as my E86).

I am just asking you to take a little more of a look at the Tivo guide.. play around with it more. Play around with withlists (from the menu) or filters (while on the Tivo guide hit the Info button).

After having the Tivo guide for over 3 years now, I would never in a million years go back to the grid guide.. Everyone has their own preference to be sure, I just find it weird that something I love so much others think it is absolutely awful.

one thing I think has happened from what it is sounding like though is that my definition of channel surfing has changed from yours. I used to agree.. channel surfing was flipping through and seeing what is on or what's going to be on in the near future... now channel surfing to me is seeing what's going to be on in the WAAAY future.. My horror wishlist returned 229 results in the next 12 days... some were late night creature features on a local station (cheesy presenter and all), some were Mystery channel latenight Hammer flicks, etc.. now THAT'S channel surfing.. I always have new stuff sitting in my Now Playing list.. I can honestly say after just having my unit for 6 days, the recorded suggestions are already spot on 75% of the time, my actual passes and wishlists have the rest of my Now Playing loaded, and I have more shows recorded than I possibly have time to watch..

just give it time before decalring a stinker.. between learning to quickly use the Tivo guide as well as how you watch TV slowly changing (it will, trust me), I just think you are reacting really strongly to something that might not be so big..

as for speed compared to other tivos, well, all I have are series 1's (a hughes and a sony) and this thing is like lightning compared to those.. granted both have 120GB in them, but my wife actually chuckled at how fast the tivo guide and recordings were.. so unless the series 2 boxes were light years faster than the series 1 boxes, I have a hard time believing this thing is significantly slower than other series 2's (it is the exact same hardware after all with more memory and essentially the same software).

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