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Posted by borghe on 05-14-2004 12:54 AM:

ok mchaney, I get some of what you are saying...

the icons (and genre colors) I already conceded to... yes there is no HD icon... however in regards to HD icon, I have a wishlist setup for Audio & Video/HDTV. I go to Menu->Pick Programs->Wishlists->HDTV->View Upcoming and it shows me everything in the guide data (usually around two weeks) that has HDTV designated. To me that is much more useful (again, to me) for finding some HD to watch than scanning through hundreds of channels of which only a handful would actually have HD on... but that is preference, I am just offering up a way that you can basically see that same info.

As for the 16 channels vs 24, to me it's 6 of one, half a dozen of another. I have gotten very accustomed to seeing at least the next 4 hours on a given channel and up to the next 16 hours on a movie channel.. I HATED browsing through the movie channels on the grid guide as you only get to see usually the current movie or sometimes the current movie and the next movie. being able to see the next eight movies is a godsend.

as for just channel surfing over the next hour or so, learn the ffwd button.. it is your friend. you can still see the next 1.5 hours across all channels with just the flick of a button, and moving ahead in time on the Tivo guide is light years faster than the directv grid guide on my old E86.

Oh, I will concede to you though about the movie start and end times.. that was the only thing that I still actually miss on the tivo guide..

Most of what you are complaining about though can be solved with the ffwd button. and for me at least it is nicely packaged up.. if it is 6:50pm, just hit the ffwd button once and see what's on at 7. Don't like what's on at 7? Hit it again and check out 7:30...

You can accomplish the same on both guides, it is just in different ways..

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