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Posted by mchaney on 05-14-2004 12:55 AM:

I think a lot depends on what you watch and how you watch. There are a lot of things that I watch that would never be picked up on a season pass or wish list. I watch some of the shows like PrimeTime, 20/20, Dateline, etc. and most of the time, the description on those shows is "Investigative Journalism". Sometimes I'll watch the intro to see what stories they are playing and most of the time, I'm not interested, but sometimes they'll have something that interests me. Due to how rare it is that something on those interests me, I don't want to record them every time they are on just to decide whether I want to see it or not.

The same goes for things on other channels like the Science channel, TLC, Discovery, etc.. There's no way that I could anticipate that TLC will be running a special on the Mars Rovers unless I see it on the guide. If I put in Mars Rover on a Wish list, then it'll get all the useless NASA news announcements and other things I don't want to see. If I put in general insterests like "Technology" then it will record 225 shows a day and it'll take me longer to manage my "Now Playing" list, deleting 90% of what it records, that I won't have any time left to watch TV.


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