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Posted by bbodin on 05-15-2004 03:13 AM:

I wonder if anyone has done a test with a faster hard drive with a larger cache to determine if the guide is any faster. I am migrating from an Ultimate TV and the guide on that is very fast. I can channel surf like a madman with it and I know I will have a conforming period with a slower guide.

Well I have a HDVR2 with an updated drive with larger cache and 7200rpm (as opposed to the 5600 of the original) and it doesn't help the guide at all, so don't expect it to for the HD Tivo.

And it does take a conforming period...I was a channel surfer (and still am), but I'm slowly getting more used to using Tivo as it's supposed to be used, which means less channel surfing and more watching previously recorded shows.

When I get home in the evenings, first thing I do is scroll through shows to see if anything is on RIGHT NOW (which the tivo guide does just fine)...if not, I'm pulling up a previously recorded program.

Given this is how most people use the tivo, I doubt the focus has been on improving the other guide. Most tivo owners are wanting them to improve things like folders, sorting, etc...so improving a guide that few % of the users even use is very low on their priority list I'm sure.

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