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Posted by borghe on 05-15-2004 03:35 AM:

though the guide data is definitely held on the hard drive, the bottleneck is most likely located in the hardware itself. This is where the cachecard helped out in regards to database reads and caching. The problem is that in terms of the guide, at least the raw guide data (not the separate Tivo program data) even though all of the data is present on a fast hard drive, and DB programmer will tell you that having the data on a fast server is only half of the equation. The other half is how fast it can be accessed and transformed into what's needed. This I one would have to believe is an application operating in memory using CPU cycles. So the question here is, is that application well written and operating as fast as it possibly can?

Remember.. all of the non-Tivo DirecTV boxes run everything from EEPROMs and do nothing but process guide data and decode a single stream of audio and video. The Tivo is constantly running updating the Tivo DB, the DirecTV guide, and probably almost always decoding and/or recording two streams of data (with TivoWebPlus you can see even when the receiver is in standby the tuners are still locked onto channels and the guide data is still available on them).

In other words, the non-Tivo boxes are faster but also have a hell of a lot work to do on a 24 hour basis.

anyway, back to the question at hand, no, a faster drive and even more memory probably won't help in this case, and a cachecard only helps with DB operations.. no, in this case likely the only thing that will help is a faster CPU, but unless you can get ahold of a MIPS processor using the exact same instruction sets as the Tivo and are a pro with surface mounted ICs, you are pretty much out of luck.

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