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Posted by duffin on 05-18-2004 12:54 PM:

New HR10-250 Owner has Bad UTV UI Withdrawals

I'm Duffin and I'm a UTV 'holic.

I've been playing with the HR10-250 for a few days. This is the first Tivo interface I've used.

I've been using a Ultimate TV DVR for 3-4 years. Wife can't live without it. My 4 year old can navigate to his recorded shows no problem, play them, replay them, etc. Now he's stumped even with some training by me.

I also own a Samsung TS-160 DirecTV HDTV receiver.

Now that I've spent time with the HR10-250, I only like it for the HDTV recording capability. I want what I had for UI and speed in the Ultimate TV. I may not be all the way up to speed on how to use the HR10-250, but I just spent $1000 and feel I have license to rant a bit.

Bottom line, the UI on the HR10-250 is WAY BELOW PAR on where it should be for an award winning, leading edge DVR. I understand that the HR10-250 is a generation behind the HD2 software version, but come on! How can a four year old UTV product sport a better UI?

Here is my ranked list of gaps agaisn the UTV that DirecTV needs Tivo to fix ASAP:

1. Guide display speed/referesh is like pooring honey out of a bottle. How can we Tivo users live with this display speed? Being that the UTV is a four year old product, its channel guide is 4x faster. I don't want to hear that this product is for recording only. It is for tuning live TV too!

2. Stop button - on the UTV, I hit stop and I get a choice to RESUME or START OVER or DELETE recorded shows. There is no stop button on the Tivo! My four year old doesn't know what to do without this! He wants to start his show again when it ends. Maybe in future Tivo generations, they will incorpate this. I understand this generation of HR10-250's won't get it since there is no stop button on the remote.

3. I understand newer Tivo software allows multiple groupings of one show to be listed as one line item on the List menu. UTV has been doing this from the beginning.

4. The UTV List or My Shows not only tells you of the title and record date, it gives you information on duration and what channel was used for recording. Duration is important on the summary screen because at a glance, you can tell if a recording was completed entirely versus interrupted.

5. Season Pass maintenance menu is buried one level too low. On the UTV, I can see the recorded program list and access the equivelant of season pass on the same screen to maintain desired repeat recordings.

6. When I set up a Season Pass recording, I want to repeat the day/time slot only. I have access to East/West network feeds and I record first run shows that repeat 5 times a day (i.e., Golf Central) that only need to be recorded the first time. The HR10-250 records multiple versions of the same show while the UTV stuck to the time slot I indicated for weekly recording. The UTV approach saves hard drive space.

7. While surfing the channel guide with the UTV in the present time or future, I can hit the red REC button to add a highlighted show to the recording list. Or I can hit REC twice to add it to the list to record weekly. But with the guide being slow as honey....

8. Every DirecTV receiver I have seen gives you the ability to place your current channel in a small window above the guide when scrolling through the channel guide. Not the HR10-250. BUMMER! I can't stand the silence when channel surfing.

9. Caller ID seems like a no brainer to implement on the HR10-250 since it is plugged (in most cases) to a phone jack.

10. If both satellite tuners are recording shows on the HR10-250, I'd like the ability to tune to an OTA station for live tv viewing. Granted the UTV doesn't sport this, but why not the HR10-250? Not a withdrawal, I know, but it would be nice.

OK Tivo Community, help me get through these UI withdrawals.

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