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Posted by spectecjr on 05-18-2004 01:31 PM:

2. Stop button - on the UTV, I hit stop and I get a choice to RESUME or START OVER or DELETE recorded shows. There is no stop button on the Tivo! My four year old doesn't know what to do without this! He wants to start his show again when it ends. Maybe in future Tivo generations, they will incorpate this. I understand this generation of HR10-250's won't get it since there is no stop button on the remote.

Press Left on the pad. If you're near the end of a show, it'll ask you if you want to keep it or delete it.

(This is the equivalent of Stop - Playing again will let you resume).

To start over, press the -->| button twice.

4. The UTV List or My Shows not only tells you of the title and record date, it gives you information on duration and what channel was used for recording. Duration is important on the summary screen because at a glance, you can tell if a recording was completed entirely versus interrupted.

Why would a recording be interrupted?

5. Season Pass maintenance menu is buried one level too low. On the UTV, I can see the recorded program list and access the equivelant of season pass on the same screen to maintain desired repeat recordings.

Not entirely sure from this what it gives you. You can hit the DirecTV button, then 1 from the remote to take you to the Season pass menu, but I don't think this is what you're getting at.

7. While surfing the channel guide with the UTV in the present time or future, I can hit the red REC button to add a highlighted show to the recording list. Or I can hit REC twice to add it to the list to record weekly. But with the guide being slow as honey....

You can do the same with this. Hit the REC button to add the show to the recording list, or get a season pass. Your choice.

8. Every DirecTV receiver I have seen gives you the ability to place your current channel in a small window above the guide when scrolling through the channel guide. Not the HR10-250. BUMMER! I can't stand the silence when channel surfing.

Not sure what you're talking about here. When I'm looking through the guide, I get the current channel I'm watching in the background. As for the Picture-in-Picture, don't forget that you'd give up a receiver channel for that privilege - and most people prefer to record two channels at once. If they implemented that, you'd get people complaining about not having working picture in picture when they were using the system and both receivers were being used to record.

10. If both satellite tuners are recording shows on the HR10-250, I'd like the ability to tune to an OTA station for live tv viewing. Granted the UTV doesn't sport this, but why not the HR10-250? Not a withdrawal, I know, but it would be nice.

Because there's not enough bandwidth and memory inside the system for that. Remember, it's already doing three things - reading live TV from the hard-drive, and writing two channels of TV *to* the hard drive. It can't do a fourth thing simultaneously without a system with twice the horsepower. Which would push the price up even higher.

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