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Posted by borghe on 05-18-2004 08:43 PM:

Originally posted by isbellHFh
I'm going to suggest that when most of you say "worse" you really mean "differently than I am used to". Further, I'm going to suggest that one would hear almost exactly the same complaints from someone going from TiVo to UT or RT (or DirecTV for that matter).

Looking at the list of complaints, I think you can do just about everything you want to do with the TiVo interface, and just as quickly (and in some cases quicker). The problem is that you don't know how yet. The good news is that time cures that.


agreed.. people are so quick to say something is worse.. what's funny is that I bet someone going to UTV from Tivo would say that the UTV is worse...

play with it and get used to it.. even more importantly, ASK QUESTIONS HERE. There are many things it sounds like you don't know how to do with the unit.. ask them here. I have already seen a lot of good suggestions in this thread. Some of my personal suggestions.

1. Use the Tivo list guide. Yes it is different than the grid guide you may be used to, but it is faster and when you start recording more than you watch live, the list guide is usually better to find shows with.

2. There is no stop button, but if you hit any other button to leave the recording, the show knows exactly where you left off. the left arrow takes you back to the shows screen in your Now Showing list.

3. Tivo has also had grouping for a year.. Unfortunately we have to wait and hope we get HMO on the DirecTV units.

4. All of that information is on the show's screen. And why would a show be interrupted?

5. Shortcut to season passes is Tivo+1. Hit the Tivo button (or I guess it is DirecTV button now) and press 1 immediately after.

6. under Pick Programs to record, set up a manual recording and you can set the channel, time, and whether it is once, weekly, 5 day daily, or 7 day daily.

7. Hit the record button on any show. A menu will pop up asking if you want to just record it or setup a season pass for it. You can also press select in the guide on any future show (ie not in the current time slot) and you will get the same menu.

8. Tivo list guide takes up less space than the DirecTV grid guide and is also slightly transparent.. You still have access to the show while surfing.. Also, if you miss something, just rewind.

9. I agree that callerid would be awesome, the problem is that callerid isn't a requirement on the modem that comes with the Tivo. You can actually get callerid working on the unit but requires a lot of work and replacing a chip on the Tivo.

10. The unit only has two virtual tuners looking at any of the four physical tuners at any given time. What you are asking for would require a third virtual tuner, and the ability to record a third program, even if only for buffering. It would be a base fundamental change with the unit, not just a switch flip like you are implying.

hopefully this helps.

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