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Posted by lajohn27 on 05-18-2004 09:57 PM:

Originally posted by pninen
No answers from TiVo.

No answers here.

No response to msg I wrote on their customer service web page.

Everyone with this problem should call TiVo. Got to get thru to them.

Traditionally this means that TIVO is working on it. I'm sure TIVOBill or someone will chime in here or there with a response soon.. but the fact is - this is a confusing turn of events that happened after an update to the Genre/Show categories earlier this year.

The mere act of reproducing the problem in a test lab can take a while to achieve. Further, as we've already seen, fixing it once you've reproduced it can take even longer.

The minor update/fix which was supposed to fix this problem cleaned up the Thumbs database and made sure that all shows had the correct thumbs assigned and if not, fixed thumbs on all shows. The engineers thought this was the source of the problem and would solve this behavior.

Clearly it has not.

My own suspicion about what's going to be required is going to involve a major fix to the Genres/Categories associations they issued earlier this year. That my was my thought originally... and I stand by it now. [Hey TIVO, if you need me in your testing lab I'm available and work cheap! ]

If that kind fix indeed proves to be what's required, it is no doubt a significant amount of testing and re-testing prior to that fix rolling out to everyone.. So some patience is going to be required.


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