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Posted by Captain Bob on 05-19-2004 11:13 AM:

Re: using mac os x

Originally posted by macattak
in terms of networking with the tivo, installing backdoor,ghosting a new hard drive etc- can this stuff be done using mac os x or does it require a pc?? I have a linux box also that is currently dead- I may resurrect it if it is my only choice here...
thanks for any help

MacTivo Blesser can do some of what you might want to do:


From that page: "MacTiVo Blesser is a collection of software written by Eric Wagner for free distribution. MacTiVo Blesser is a formatting utility that sets Linux partitions on IDE drives for use in TiVos as "B" drives. In many cases, TiVos with one hard drive can simply "Bless" their new drive and add it - then the TiVo automatically uses it for extra recording capacity. MacTiVo Blesser performs the same function as the Linux BlessTiVo does."

As you can see, that's fine as far as it goes, but it's not nearly enough. I've been running Macs for twenty years, and I love them, so I regret having to tell you that there's no way to do the really gritty work of upgrading, copying, etc., with a Mac. I upgraded my SAT-T60s using mfstools on my wife's home-office PC, and when I had to replace one of the upgraded drives, I used the PC again and did the job with dd copy. I didn't have any trouble, despite the dangerous alien environment .

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