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Posted by Georgia Guy on 05-22-2004 02:55 AM:

Re: Re: HMO Disappointing

Originally posted by eschmith
ps - I have three hundred or more folders in my MP3 collection - one for every CD - and I get tons of time outs, even with a large cache on my computer. It's pathetic, and is an example of a BASIC core feature of the product that does not work properly, and even months after release, has not been improved.

pps - jeez, come on - the HMO does not even offer basic stuff like displaying album art or looking up info on tracks\artists that almost all MP3 players have now.

Perhaps Tivo should make it a little more clear that using HMO on a wireless system won't really cut it. I also have several hundred cd folders, but NEVER have I had a timeout... because my setup is wired, I think.

Since I use a MITS rptv, I really am not interested in having album art, although it would be nice, I admit. I really don't want my tv showing some sort of continous image on my screen (burn-in...but thats another peeve).
Would be a cool thing for the few minutes that I actually use my tv when playing music throughout my house, using HMO. After starting the music I generally turn off the tv, and let the stereo take over.

What pc jukebox software do you use that shows the album art on your tv? Just curious. Or what other superior software product are you comparing the Tivo hmo to? I've tried several (Prismiq, for one), and HMO puts it to shame. I would really be interested in taking a look at an MP3 player that let me play stuff throughout my house, with a menu on my tv screen. No kidding. I would take a look at any superior product.

As far as your problem with using the scheduler, I can't address that, because its something that I have no use for. Transferring shows to my various tivos and the music playing are my only real uses for HMO.

I've never seen any better UI than Tivo for the recording of tv programs, but I'm always ready for improvements. Let me know if there is something better. Thanks.

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