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Posted by flar on 05-31-2004 01:16 PM:

Is there an 802.11b adapter that supports WPA encryption? My belief is that they all support only WEP which can be broken and which requires that you run your wireless home network on WEP (do any routers support both WPA and WEP devices at the same time? Mine doesn't).

So, linked in with the USB 2.0 support is that home network security really creates a demand for them to provide an upgrade path for us to switch to 802.11g devices which would be best attached to a USB 2.0 connection.

Keep in mind that I realize that:

- There are some here who have used an ethernet to wireless bridge solution to get at an 802.11g solution, but being able to plug in an 802.11g USB device would be much easier for the average customer.

- You don't really need USB 2.0 to run an 802.11g USB device - what you really need is a driver to enable it (and provide access to the WPA configuration), but it would be silly to release support for 802.11g devices without also enabling the 2.0 speeds of the USB ports.

My point is more that there is already a demand for 802.11g support and that support makes the most sense in the context of enabling USB 2.0.

(Also, I agree with earlier posters that you can't hold everyone back because some customers have an older model - most customers wouldn't even realize that they are running at 1.1 speeds and if they do then they'll call in anyway asking why they can't network faster. Would you rather tell them "Sorry, you'll *never* be able to network faster" or "Sorry, you bought an older unit that has the slower interface - you can upgrade if you want a faster network"? Either way they will be unhappy, but at least the latter gives them something they can do to solve the problem...)

Jim Graham
TiVo Series 2, named AIVAS, 80 hour, lifetime service, HMO

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