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Posted by Knowhere on 06-05-2004 08:53 PM:

You guys are somewhat right...

Ok, Tivo is offering to free trial of their Home Media Option. This is good until June 8th. But, when you buy a Tivo from BestBuy, they give you this option for free. Let me explain.

I was in my local BestBuy for about 7 hours yesturday. After being transfered for Rep. to Rep. many times (10), I then got transfer to the Area Manager, which happened to be in that store for the day. He email Bestbuy Corp. and while I was waiting to get an email back, I bumped into the Store Manager and also explained my problem to her. So, finally they recieved and email stating. "BestBuy has nothing to do with the Home Media Option, the custumer has to contact Tivo." After this, I was told by the area manager, to contact tivo. I told him I had already spent about 2 hours yesturday doing that. He told me maybe I got someone who didn't know what they were talking about. This really ticked me off. When I called Tivo, I even talked to the manager they had on call yesturday. So, I knew this wasn't true. So, upset, I started to leave the store. On, my way on the store manager came up to me and asked if they fixed my problem. I said no! So, she got on the phone with Tivo and talked with the manager there.

They finally found out that when you register you Tivo, you have to have the Tivo Serial Number. Which I knew. But, when you use a serial number that was bought from BestBuy, it automaticly signs you up of the Home Media Option. The reason why under System Info, it does show this, is because it takes it up to 72 hours for you to get and be able to use this service. Also, the Tivo Reps. aren't supposed to talk about this offer, that is why when you tell them, Oh BestBuy is offering a free Home Media Option how do I get this, they tell you to go talk to BestBuy. So, I should be able to use the HMO by Sunday. If not, all hell is going to break loose.

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