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Posted by ZeoTiVo on 06-09-2004 08:59 PM:

Originally posted by interactiveTV
Yeah. That's it. Are you serious?


somewhat - I doubt it was as dramatic as HMO or leave but it is just too coincidental that he leaves they day before these anouncements are made.

I wonder if there was some serious discussion on TiVos direction and how SAs and DirectTV units fit into the projected TiVo business model.

DirectTv is a large percentage of current revenues but that is by volume , not by margin and it seems that new software features that DirectTV has shown no interest in (HMO) and probably does not want to deal with (Internet download) is basically making the cheap DirectTiVo unit look not as good in comparison anymore.

Whoops, missed that Zeo did address this in his reply. ZeoTiVo is right! - TiVoOpsMgr

TTiVoToGo FAQ, I have never seen a company so bashed in a forum becasue its software is a little late

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