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Posted by Hunter Green on 06-11-2004 05:38 AM:

No one ever said "it couldn't be done" except the people who were looking for a straw man to cut down. The argument "against", as it were, was that it was not financially sensible for TiVo. Nothing in that precluded the possibility that it would become sensible later; in fact, that possibility was discussed.

The reason it probably wasn't feasible is simple. TiVo wasn't the originator of this data. The entire argument that multiple subscriptions should cost less is predicated on the assumption that those subscriptions cost TiVo less to service, but without knowing what TiVo's business arrangements with Tribune were, or are, there was no way to tell. There were rumors suggesting Tribune was charging TiVo a flat rate per box, regardless of where those boxes were; and if so it only makes sense TiVo would have to charge us the same way.

But even if that wasn't their arrangement with Tribune, the point remained: TiVo wasn't making money, and they can't go from not making money to making money by simply charging less. That's the kind of simplistic, unrealistic thing that led to the Internet Bubble and to it popping.

Whatever the situation was, that was a year ago. Even in the brick-and-mortar world, everything changes in a year. In the tech sector, everything changes twelve times in a year.

For every misguided "I told you so" we could just as quickly say "I told you so" that this was going to happen including the "I told you so" itself along with its misguided straw-man posturing. So what? None of us really know a darned thing about any of it anyway.

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