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Posted by Laurence on 06-11-2004 08:29 PM:

Power HMO

I just found the free HMO option and was initially thrilled with the idea of being able to use Tivo as my music control and distribution network.
I loaded the server and began browsing my music files in a matter minutes thanks to a simple setup process.

However, I quickly ran some limitations and so here are some suggestions to make the service far more flexible and powerful.

1) Provide Playlist creation, management and playback features. I use an iPod with iTunes both of which have fabulous playlist capabilities. Apples is not alone here. Virtually all music playback hardware and software provides playlist functionality.

2) Provide playback of more than just MP3 format files. As I mentioned, I store my music in iTunes that allows me to use the AAC and AIFF lossless formats. Hence I suggest that Tivo support these common formats.

By adding these two features, Tivo has the opportunity to be a market leader in the computer to TV and audio interface market. Currently, there are only a few players in the networked audio arena, notable of which are Slim Devices, who provide a good wireless audio device called a Squeezbox, and Turtlebeach who have a newtorkable MP3 audio component called the Audiotron. Neither of these two leaders (at least in my opinion) have really produced the ideal audio system, nor do they have any video capabilities. Most notable is the fact that they cost much more than Tivo.

Provision of the above suggestions would make Tivo even more indispensable and essential to the modern home. I sure hope they are in the pipeline.

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