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Posted by dmchapman on 06-14-2004 01:55 PM:

Originally posted by sjp
what size was there 4:3 telly??? my mil is still moaning that her 28" widescreen is not as big a picture as her old square box. I told her to buy the 32" but would she listen.

Old telly was a 28" wide screen so no real problems there.


other than that £500 strikes me as a little steep but I'm cheap - google has kelkoo showing name brand 28"'ers starting under £300, throw in a Tesco DVD and VCR and you'd still be around the £350 mark (both the Tesco DVD and VCR I purchased last xmas are doing very well, in fact the DVD is as good if not better spec'd than my 3 year old Toshiba).

Yeah - but if you look at what john lewis offer the range is more limited. Dads been stung before with cheap tellys with the built in warranty chips.

I persuaded them that 500 quid spent at JL would get them a half decent telly and a five year warranty. 2 quid a week is a lot less than they have been paying in rental!

Anyway, they will be happier going for a well known brand name (even if it means paying for it!). Personally I couldn't be happier with my 34 quid asda DVD player


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