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Posted by bud8man on 06-15-2004 12:40 AM:

TiVo pay per view & a TiVo channel

Instead of PPV from my cable co., how about direct from TiVo? for those of us with broad band internet.
And why not a TiVo channel. Get Leo Laporte to host a Call For Help TiVo style.
Make sure Apple gets in on it, and puts their logo on the screen on the bottom, along with lots of plugs from Leo. They will be good plugs, Leo loves apple.
Also sports content, why not rent commercial free sporting events from TiVo.
NASCAR would be a great place to start.
Out of market baseball games, foreign sports etc.

TiVo Series 2 80 Hour - AVCast Channel 78
TiVo Series 2 40 Hour - AVCast Channel 80
Panasonic DVD Recorder - AVCast Channel 76
Wired Together for MRV & HMO

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