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Posted by dswallow on 06-16-2004 03:48 AM:

I should have known better.


Original director not involved.

Original cast not involved.

Original scriptwriter *is* involved. Pity him for he's lost any possible previously earned respect for this pile of garbage.

No theatrical release, or so short nobody noticed.

DVD priced under $10 at BJ's Wholesale Club.

The movie is a classic example of stupidity in filmmaking.


I watched the whole thing.

It never even came close to the campiness of the original; it never even came close to a consistent believable storyline within the universe that was established in the original; and to top it off, we get a contrived storyline based on the bugs new capability. They couldn't even be bothered adding a blinking (or even non-blinking) "Do you want to know more?" to the screen while the announcer was speaking. It's like someone saw the dailies and refused to authorize even that amount of limited production work on the released version, cutting their losses.

There was barely even any nudity! And few people I'd even have wanted to see nude anyway!

Total worthless garbage. Save your $10. Don't bother with the DVD. I'm gonna have to watch the original again just to cleanse my brain of this filth and restore some good memories about Starship Troopers. In fact, watching the original backwards would be more entertaining than seeing this horrible excuse for a movie. Watching Casper Van Dien brush his teeth would have more plot. What a waste of money to produce.


Doug Swallow
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