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Posted by Robert S on 06-17-2004 04:35 AM:

The drive should pass the manufacturer's diagnostics test. Series 2 TiVoes do no lock their drives, so don't run qunlock.

If you boot the MFS Tools 2.0 CD, you should see the TiVo partition table. I've seen reports suggesting that the HDVR2's partitions don't mount under the MFS Tools 2.0 CD (partition 9 plus one or both of 4 and 7 should be mountable), so if you try mounting the partitions, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem if that fails.

MFS Tools' mfsinfo function should list the MFS partitions.

However, I'd be amazed if a hard drive could survive that kind of treatment (I'm surprised that the TiVo can even display the splash screen!) so I would guess you're going to have to image a new drive from a backup file.

Please do not PM me asking for TiVo backups. I don't have any.

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