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Posted by Steve_K on 06-19-2004 09:23 PM:

The One for All web site support section http://www.oneforall-int.com has a lot of information on this issue and others. There are actually three version of the One for All extender. The SV1000 the SV1000-/05 and the latest SV-1000 JC02. They are not very compatible with each other and one persons extender experience won't alweays match someone else's.

Apparently the identifying code is on the bottom label of the (RF)Transmitter IE the IR receiver.

In their FAQ section they actually say they can't control a Pace Digital Cable as it uses IRDa. Given the success of others in this topic I think what they may mean is it may or may not operate it - do you feel lucky? There are some other more expensive extenders on the web that claim to be intelligent and able to fix this.

The official distributor at http://www.dalepakdirect.com/sub-ca...tegory=extender gives an overview of the compatibility situation and I'd guess the message is buy now if you want to add to older systems.


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