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Posted by VernGully on 06-21-2004 07:59 AM:

Help!!! GSOD w/127mb Swap on S2w/4.0.1b on 240GB

This is a running trial and error, so this may help or repeat others.

I have a TiVo 60hr TCD140060 Standalone (Series2) that was upgraded in Oct 02.

I used 2x120GB WD drives with MFS Tools 2.0. I used -s 127 back then (most likely).

The software is at 4.0.1b. Typically ran 50-52 degrees.

Started stuttering about a week ago. Locked up on a show and rebooted. Went to GSOD. Recovered, used it for about 30 mins, locked up, rebooted, GSOD'd, looped after about 7 mins.

OK, I read though the posts and verified this:

Hard drives:
Ran Western Digital Diags (DLGDIAG5.exe), both A and B drives passed all tests.
pdisk -l (MFS Tools 2.0 CD) on A drive shows:
8: Swap Linux swap 260096 @ 115788865 (127.0M)
A Drive "thunks" on initial power, but sounds normal the rest of the time.

This is what I have done so far to KEEP recordings:
Erased all the extra shows I have (while it was running), and got it down to approx 40hrs (I felt I needed to do that)
Replaced drive with original 60GB drive, no problems there.
Bought a 160GB drive.

I am going to assume, by chance/luck/intuition that my A drive might be failing.
So I am currently dd'ing the A drive to a new 160GB drive.

Does my pdisk look right? If so, is there any way to reinitialize the 127Mb swap (to take that out of the equation) with the MFS Tools 2.0? maybe mkswap it to be sure?

Is there a way to make sure that the 127Mb swap is working/being used without backdoors ( b/c of 4.0.1b) with the MFS Tools 2.0 or something? maybe in the /proc/meminfo file, how do I view that?

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