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Posted by philwojo on 06-21-2004 08:43 PM:

That still won't help you. There are still static images left on the screen.

Any static image left on the screen for a long time will burn-in to your screen.

You really need to get Avia of Digital Video Essentials (DVE for short) and calibrate your settings. The contrast and brighteness work in conjuctions with one another. If you don't have them set properly you will not have a good picture.

Also, keep in mind, that all RPTV come from the factory with a very bad grey-scale setup. Meaning not all grey's are equal. This also causes the picture to be darker than it should sometimes. If you really want to make you RPTV look great, look in to a professional calibration of your TV, not cheap, but the difference is night and day.

As a possible fix to your current burn-in I have read and some people claim that leaving your tv on a station that isn't broadcasting and gives you SNOW on your screen can get ride of the burn-in. It may be worth a shot. I have read that it at least reduces the effect. It seems they leave it on a snow pattern for several hours, it is supposed to even out the phosper wear on your tv.

Hope that helps, and get that setup DVD at minimum to keep this for happening again.


Phillips HDR112 - 88hr
MX-700 Remote setup for Tivo with a Standby Button.

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