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Posted by Jstkiddn on 06-22-2004 07:58 AM:

Can someone please help me?

Hi guys,

I'm hoping that someone will have pity on me and help me out a bit. I just bought my second Tivo and I'm soooo badly wanting to get a network set up to use the HMO features but no matter how much I read I can't quite seem to get my brain around what exactly it is that I need to do or even if I need to go wired or wireless. I was up reading until 4:00 this morning and I don't know any more now that when I started. ARRRGH!

Computer is in "office", tivo #1 in den and tivo #2 in master bedroom. Single level home, but it is quite a long way from the computer to the master bedroom (opposite ends of 3600 sq. ft. house). Computer is hooked up to cable internet connection which obviously I'd like the Tivo's to be able to share for updates. There is an ethernet port on the back of my computer where the cable modem plugs in....but nothing wireless. No wireless cards, etc. Just what came with the computer when I bought it.

Obviously wireless would be easiest to install, but I think I'm seeing that there is a speed issue. And I'm wondering if the distance is going to be an issue for me. Is wireless more expensive than wired? Is wired anything more than running some cable and hooking it up to a router? I know it will be a major pain, but my husband can fish the wires through the walls if need be. Heck, I don't even know where the router hooks up.

Are there any sites that have diagrams drawn out? I honestly don't even know enough to ask the right questions.

I'm about to give up because this is just way too confusing for me. I'm not a techie....just a soccer mom who wants to watch shows from one tivo on another tivo and listen to a few tunes back in my bedroom.

Can anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction?

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