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Posted by Crrink on 06-22-2004 09:14 AM:

When I was using 802.11b my transfers were slow enough that I never had the patience to figure out how long they took.
I simply knew they took too long to be of any use to me until the next day. We used to try to plan what we wanted to transfer and set them up when we went to bed.

I tried to rig an 802.11g network but it only half worked, so I bit the bullet, spent a weekend in the attic, and wired my house with Cat 5e.

Anyway, to answer your question, while I hope your speed is not typical, it's probably not all that unusual. Some things that might help are getting a better signal by either moving stuff around, or buying a repeater, or separate antenna for your router.

Bedelman, who I'm sure will be along any minute, will point out that you may have some interference on your wireless system. He recommended a tool to diagnose that in an old thread, but when I downloaded it, I couldn't make heads or tails of it - here's to hoping that you're smarter with the networking stuff than I am (no great feat, I assure you ).
Anyway, I'm sure he'll be along to provide a link, but if he's taking the day off, I'll dig the old thread up just in case the program will help you.

I'm really hoping that TiVo adds 802.11g support soon. MRV just isn't fast enough for a ton of people at b speeds. G makes it a nice, convenient feature to have.

Oh, one other thing, if it is at all possible to wire one of your TiVo's you will very likely notice a big increase in speed. Bedelman taught me that too - he's pretty good with the networking stuff, and really generous with sharing his knowledge

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