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Posted by aindik on 06-23-2004 05:02 AM:

Originally posted by MitchO
Don't know the full answer, but the Yankees are never on MSG. 135 or so of the games are on YES, and the remaining ones are split between FOX, ESPN and CBS. I haven't checked the schedule, but it's possible that the Friday night game will be on CBS, and the Sunday game will be on ESPN ...

The game won't be on "CBS," it'll be on WCBS-TV New York (i.e. not on in the rest of the country). So, I guess the reason the game won't be on EI is that it's not on a cable or satellite station. Instead, it's apparently on two over-the-air channels - WCBS-TV and WPIX. I'm pretty sure MLBEI doesn't have access to over-the-air signals.

Please note - MLBEI <> DirecTV. MLBEI is owned by MLB, and they choose content based on the agreements they have with the game's original telecasters (and with Fox and ESPN). It just happens to be carried on DirecTV and on inDemand cable.

BTW, if you have East Coast network feeds (not your own locals) via DirecTV (because you live in a "white area"), you can watch the Friday night game via the East Coast CBS (which is WCBS-TV New York).

All that aside, I really do wish that MLBEI could put all the alternate Fox games on MLBEI on Saturday afternoons, and come up with some way to compensate Fox affiliates for it. The NHL does it for their ABC games.

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