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Posted by The TiVo Dude on 06-23-2004 08:45 AM:

Originally posted by dahacker
As far as running cable, you have a single level home, so running cable will be easy in the attic or basement. I would just do it yourself. Running network cable is the easiest. Just head down to Home Depot or equivalent and they have a whole section on home network installation. If you are not excited about drywall/plaster work, its not absolutely necessary to install network outlets in each room. Simple RJ-45 ends on the cable you run will do fine.

I agree with this one. Wired outlets are nice, but you can run 2 ethernet cables from the router (in the office) into the closet - then poke a hole (just big enough to run the cables) into the attic - and run one to each of the closets in the den and master bedroom - then down on to the floor and around the room to where the Tivo is located.

If you don't want to/can't run the cable from the closet to the Tivo, and your husband is handy with a wire fish, he can fish it down into the wall behind the Tivo, poke a hole in the drywall and pull it through. Same goes for getting into the attic from the router in your den. Not as pretty as outlets, but totally functional.

Using an electrician is nice for a pretty installation, but not necessary for a functional one. As there is no electricity (i.e.: 120 volt) involved, there is no need for permits, special boxes, special wire, etc.

Measure your footage and buy pre-prepared ethernet cables that already have the plugs on them.

Check your Yellow Pages. There may be a wiring/network place in town that will sell the cables a *lot* cheper than CompUSA, etc.

Buy 2 Linksys USB200M usb->ethernet adapters from Best Buy or CompUSA ($30 each.) Plug ethernet cables into these and then plug them into the back of the Tivos. Be sure to get the 200M adapters - they are USB 2.0 and twice as fast as the USB100M which is USB 1.0.

Post questions here if you get stuck. We'll help.

Oh yeah, *definitely* go wired. The Multi Room Viewing works in real time (even at best quality - unlike a wireless setup) and is so cool. It's the best part (by far) of the home media features.

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