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Posted by crow on 06-24-2004 02:04 AM:

Advise the n00b

I've been researching the whole Tivo scene for a few weeks now and would like advice as to what I might want to look into or out for. I am looking at a 80 hour standalone Tivo and also a Pioneer 201 or 301 DVR in a few months as the Pioneer/Tivo combo unit still seems a bit pricey.

I currently have Comcast digital cable, a 56" WS HDTV, as well as cable internet. I do not have a land line (phone) in my house. So I am curious about a few things..

#1 - What else do I need to buy in order to hook the Tivo to my home LAN? How difficult is it to go wireless with that? (Router is nowhere near my TV)

#2 - Will the DVD Recorder allow me to place recorded Tivo content onto disc?

#3 - Will I be able to record on one channel whilst watching something else?

#4 - If I do get the Tivo I will probably get the lifetime subscription - Is there a downside to this?

#5 - Kind of a non-Tivo question. I've seen ads touting the use of a DVDRW in place of a Tivo (although its like 6 hours max time) and that the disc can be overwritten almost endlessly. Is there any truth to this?

I know these are n00by type questions I just hope to gain some veteran insight into non-pc digital recording before investing the $$. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated..

Thanks alot.


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