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Posted by Stephen Tu on 06-24-2004 03:31 AM:

I currently have Comcast digital cable, a 56" WS HDTV

Given this, I don't know if it's such a good idea to be investing a lot of money into a standalone Tivo & lifetime sub now. Don't you want to be able to record in high-definition? HD-DVRs are available in some areas already (check with Comcast); alternately you could consider switching to DirecTV and the HD-Tivo. In other Comcast areas a DVR should roll out by the end of the year or so. I love Tivo, have had one for 5 years, but after getting HDTV last year the picture quality is just a drag. I'm still using it but am itching for an HD model. I wouldn't buy a new SD standalone now.

#5 - Kind of a non-Tivo question. I've seen ads touting the use of a DVDRW in place of a Tivo (although its like 6 hours max time) and that the disc can be overwritten almost endlessly. Is there any truth to this?

It's an extremely poor substitute. 6 hrs, at lowest quality, is just woefully inadequate. These days, with most TV shows worth keeping coming out for purchase on DVD, for most people DVDRW is only really useful for transferring & distributing videos from their camcorder.

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