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Posted by javahmo on 06-24-2004 06:49 AM:

Re: streaming radio through TiVo

Originally posted by Keith_R90210
Hey all, one thing, I'd really like to do w/ my new HMO features is streaming radio. I'm aware that JavaHMO has Shoutcast and can do this but I tried it with mixed success.

I really don't want to use Streamcast anyway; rather what I'm thinking of is a particular station that I listen to when I'm down in Miami called Power96. Power96 does a internet stream on their website which works great for computer listening but I'd like to try and take that into my living room through TiVo HMO so I can listen to it on my main stereo and not be confined to my computer.

Can this be done?Has anyone here developed a plugin or tool to do this? could I configure JavaHMO to do this? how can I accomplish this? thanks.

JavaHMO does allow you to create your own playlists of streaming stations:

javahmo at users.sourceforge.net

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