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Posted by TiVoBill on 06-24-2004 11:00 PM:

Re: tivo connect beacon not available

Originally posted by jes91504
I know this has been covered, but all the posts, as well as the article on the support web site, concern Windows XP. What if one gets the "tivo connect beacon not available" error on Windows 98 SE? No, I have no software firewall, though the router has a hardware firewall.

The PC is accessing the network fine, the Tivo is accessing the network fine, but no luck with Tivo Desktop.


We are aware of an issue that can cause the symptoms you mention. If you have a lot of services starting up with Windows, the TiVo Server service may time out during startup. That will cause the "TiVo Beacon Unavailable" message to appear. The only current workaround is to start TiVo server manually from TiVo Desktop after startup has been completed. You might also try to reduce the number of services starting up to reduce the likelihood of that happening. The developers are aware of that issue and hope to be able to make it less likely in future versions of TiVo Desktop.

Bill Dailey
Project Manager
TiVo Customer Support

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