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Posted by crow on 06-25-2004 06:08 PM:

Purchased a Series 2, 80 hour unit from Best Buy lastnight.
Ran my cat5 cable and used a Linksys USB200M NIC.
Had a bit of trouble in the guided setup when it first tried to "dial" out for setup info as I don't have a phone line in my home. After about 15 minutes on hold, the tech rep was kind enough to tell me to change the dial prefix to ",#401" w/o the quotes and that allowed the TiVo to use the nic for the connection. TiVo doesn't seem to have any documentation on this "hack".

However, I got everything downloaded and after waiting the requesite 8 hours for TiVo to get all its info gathered, I was able to schedule 2 movies for recording before leaving for work. With any luck, I'll have my movies waiting when I get home..

Here's to fruitful TiVoing...


3 TiVo Brand Series 2 80 Hour Units.
1 Upgraded to 195 Hours.
1 Upgraded to 302 Hours.
1 Upgraded to 310 Hours.
All With JavaHMO.
All with TiVoWebPlus/Telnet/FTP/MRV/BackDoors Enabled and Encryption Disabled..

A life? What's that? I have this TiVo, see ... and its all-consuming and all-powerful. And all I can do is stare at the glorious results of its workings.
-- ashutoshsm

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