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Posted by ScottS on 06-25-2004 06:39 PM:

DirecTivo Signal Loss

I've got a problem with my DSR6000 (Dual LNB feeding Multiswitch, feeding DSR6000 and HIRD-E1), and need some advice from the collective intellect.

Quick background: Moved this winter. Installer put the dish up on the new house, and told me he was aiming through the very tops of some trees, and he wasn't sure what would happen when Spring came and they "bloomed." I said go ahead, as I've successfully shot through treetops all year 'round at other locations where the installers thought I'd never get reception. I got strong (90+) signal, and was a happy man. Figured when Spring came, if interference was a problem, I'd gradually lose signal strength, until I ended up unwatchable picture.

With that in mind (and it may have nothing to do with the problem at hand), here's my problem. I recently (month ago) began to lose signal on the "high channels" on both tuners. The picture would break-up and suddenly I'd get the "searching for signal" message. The local channels were coming in fine and clear, but every time I changed to, say, 254 or 299, I'd get maybe a second or two of video, then...nothing. Not all the "high channels," but a lot of them.

I should have just been happy with my locals for a while, but I called Dave for help. That ended with my resetting my DSR6000, and now I'm stalled at 26%. Looking at the signal strenth, I'm getting 0 signal on transponders 1 and 2, and without signal there, TiVo evidently isn't getting enough informtion to continue it's setup. I get 26% of the way through, and it says, "Hey, can't find signal."

Here are the transponder strengths, which are admittedly low, but still there: These are the only transponders I'm getting signal on (transponder/strength):


Nothing on any other transponders. Readings are confirmed on both the DSR6000 and the HIRD.

My questions:
1. Is this "tree interference?" In which case, I know I'll be good again in the fall, and will plan some "landscape corrections."
2. Is something else going on here, like a multiswitch or LNB failure?
3. Why 0 on some transponders and 60-75 on others? Shouldn't this be an "all or none" if the Sat is blocked?

Dave support is friendly, but useless in this case. They're just reading from a script.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.


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