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Posted by bkdtv on 06-25-2004 10:40 PM:

Jeff Kent,

The 7-second channel changing was resolved a long time ago -- back in late March, I believe. VOOM HD receivers now change HDTV channels as fast or faster than DirecTV HD receivers -- between 1.5 and 2.0 seconds.

The VOOM STB software does have some issues, but most of these should be addressed with the software slated for delivery on or about July 1. Confirmed changes in the new software include:

  1. Channel maps for both primary and secondary markets, with off-air scanning to list any additional channels not mapped. More info right here.

  2. Ability to hide certain channels from the guide, without relying on the favorites list.

  3. Moves to currently selected channel whenever displaying guide.

    This will address the primary complaint with the current VOOM STB software. With the current software, it sticks you back at 100 whenever you bring up the guide -- annoying as hell.

  4. Eliminates loss of audio that can occur in certain situations (typically, fast channel surfing).

  5. Eliminates stuttering that some people notice on off-air and satellite channels.

  6. Eliminates program planner incompatibility with PlayboyHD.

  7. Various other minor aesthetic and usability improvements.
Unconfirmed, but I hear the buttons at the top of the remote (red, green, yellow) may now bring up the guide for those channels (all exclusives, all channels showing HD, all favorites) on a single button press. There are probably other changes, we just don't know what they are yet. We probably still have another week to wait.

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