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Posted by TexasRanger74 on 06-26-2004 03:36 AM:

Originally posted by aejanis
I remember people going nuts over the initial pictures of the box that was thought to be taken with a camera phone @ a Directv Corp Office. People do care what the box looks like. McDonald's spends TONS of money designing the cup that you drink your Coke out of. It is not something that you think about "actively". Yes, the way the cup @ McD's looks does effect your overall experience...you might not "actively" feel it helping your overall experience, but it does. You don't care what it looks like, you don't base your purchace on the look of the cup...but when it is delivered your brain takes note of it.

mcdonald's cups designs are quite different than hd tivo box design. there were MANY MANY people who pre-ordered on here because of the features of the unit, not because of the design of the box. as I said, small dollar items it may be feasible to make the design important. on a mcdonald's coke cup, you are drinking out of that cup, so it has a direct impact to the customer. you're not using this box to receive hd programming. most people only care about the performance of the RECEIVER itself. again, talking cups to this is two totally different things. there is a time and place for design on items/boxes. take a poll and find out how much the box design factored into people's purchasing of the HDTIVO and let me know how that turns out. people were likely going nuts over the fact that the item was closer to rolling out onto the market, not the fact that someone took a picture of the box and the box design got everyone all worked up. I can't think of a time when I've gotten giddy over the design on a box.

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