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Posted by GBaz on 06-26-2004 11:15 PM:

My two best friends, Blup and Blop, died last night. (my TiVos)

Blup and Blop died last night in a tragic accident last night. Blup who was 2 1/2 years old suffed a severe injurery to his modem. He is not expected to live more then 13 days when is vital programing data runs out. Blop, who is 6 months old was discovered dead at about 1:300 am. Emergency tech support was proformed on scene but to no avail. He was unplugged severial times and plugged back in but the efforts did not help to recssitate him. Technitions said it was one of the saddest calls they had been on. Also lost in the accident were the cable modem and router.
Blup and Blop are surrived by their owner, Greg. He is said to be taking the loss of his to best friends very hard. The had been inseperable since the day they met. They will be missed teribly, thoe they are likley to be replaced really fast due to the addiction. Service are being held on Monday. In lue of flowers please send TiVo service gift certificates.

Well the worst happened. The cable modem was not working last night. I did a quick check and could not acess the router setup. I went to the basement to power cycle the modem and router. The power lights were out so I unplugged them and gound the GFCI switch need to be reset.

Plugged them back in, the cable modem turned on and lit up but made a funney noise. The router turned on but showed no link lights to the computers. I also noticed the the phone was dead. I unplugged from the network interface and back in the dial tone came back then it went out again. I unplugged all phones. Still no help.

Then the gut renching reality hit...the TIVO...<explitive> Unplugged the phone line from the series one and the phone came back to life. Only the modem went, every thing else is fine. Well not the end of the world it was a series one and I was thinking of replacing it with a referb deal any way...good reason to upgrade and glad I did not get lifetime.

Then I went to my bedroom to watch the other tivo. no green light...oh no...powercycled...no luck only the fan works. when plugged in and "booting" get unusible signal message and noise from the speaker (not normal with no signal at all)

The thing is every thing was plugged into an UPS. The phone line of the series one was also plugged into it. My guess is the surg came through the cable fried the cable modem went throught the network cable and took out the router.
I think that the same surge fried the series 2. And the surge went throught the cable in the series one and took out the modem. Could cable suges explain the modem problems from the Phillips series one? I guess the series one was more robust the the series 2 because it still works.

What does everyone think? This had to me a cable surge not not electrical because of the UPS's.

I never thought the cable surge protectoers were need because of the cable grounding block. Well I was very very wronge.

Im going to cry...<snif>b

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