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Posted by newswatcher on 06-27-2004 08:30 AM:

I went through this picture quality problem for over 3-weeks after getting TiVo but have since gotten used to it. The worst compression appears to be for my locals as many have also mentioned. One of my "tricks" was to lower the "Picture" feature on my TV and up the color and brightness a tad. Helps a bit with the compression. I've spoken with D* several times on this but I don't see a remedy. When I went from record albums (I had about 4,000 of them) to CD, I had the same aural problem: too bright, not enough lows (nothing beats the lows from a good turntable).

Ironically, if I record a program and then watch it later, I find the recorded picture quality almost DVD in quality (i.e. very good). I recorded a Nat. Geo. special the other night and the "live TV" picture was not so good, but I played back the recording a few days later and it looked great ! Pristine in fact; in fact I hated to delete it. Same thing for other things I've recorded. I can't explain it but that's what I see.

However, the locals don't look good live or recorded. My dream machine would allow an analog viewing choice or digital (nice for the HBO, Showtime shows). But it's digital all the way now. No real choice in that area.

But I might add that due to my constant bitching about the compression and picture quality of some channels, D* offered and installed a new TiVo for free, giving me the old one (which was perfectly good) and the free new one, so I now have TiVo in two rooms for a cost of about $49 total. So I can't complain anymore. Oh well, I can but it wouldn't be prudent.

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