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Posted by newsposter on 06-27-2004 08:13 PM:

Originally posted by AbMagFab
What's a VCR?

And just add a hard drive if you need more space. Or use the video extraction techniques to put in on your computer, and then feed one of the many video media players over your network.

Why record anything to DVD? That's just something else to get lost/never use again.

I can almost guarantee you that a dvd will outlive any hard drive. I had 3 crashes in tivo in 2 years so if I hadn't offloaded to my dvd burner and recorded my 3 series, I would have been really upset. Plus I don't know of any tivo that will keep a few hundred episodes reliably anyway.

As far as putting stuff on computer, some people don't have networks and don't want to bother with extraction.

So that's the reason some people record to dvd...hope you've been enlightened.

Sony T60- 243 hours, 2-160s (I replaced a 1 yr old bad 80 gig Western Digital HD with a WD 160 that failed in 2 months so that's it for WD for me!)
Sony B65 - now that interactive is gone, the box just isn't the same

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