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Posted by cwoody222 on 06-27-2004 09:28 PM:

2 TiVo's - wired + wireless?!

I just found out my dad finally broke down and bought a second TiVo due to the new monthly pricing scheme. He's not interested in HMO but I'm trying to convince him to use show sharing since HMO is free now.

But, he currently uses dialup so getting him to switch to a network is a pain (he does already have broadband).

To keep things simple I'm thinking about keeping 1 wired and 1 wireless. The living room unit currently has a phone line that we can swap for Ethernet no problem.

The bedroom unit I'd like to do wirelessly.

I'm thinking about having him buy this combo package:

Would that do everything I want all by itself? (except for the wired USB adapter for the wired one)

Linksys seems a bit more expensive (just a bit) but since TiVo recommends it, and I don't know much about wireless stuff (so I don't want to be troubleshooting) I think that's the way to go.

That router will do wired and wireless, right? The USB adapter comes with a small USB cable too, I hope.

Will he get OK speeds with the b network when sharing shows? Should I get g instead? (obviously it will be better but I mean is it work the extra cost or should I just go with this simple all-in-one, TiVo-approved system)


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