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Posted by Tersanyus on 06-28-2004 12:19 AM:

Toshiba SD-H400 and Toshiba DVD/VCR

Hello all,

I am a new TiVo owner. I got the Toshiba SD-H400 last week when it was on sale at Best Buy for $100 off it's normal price. I had been eying that unit for some time. I didn't know it was on sale till I was looking around and saw that it was. I know know it's probably being cleared out to make room for a newer model and all. TiVo Basic is all I wanted for now anyway. I may upgrade to full later one.

Here's my question. In addition to the SD-H400 I have a Toshiba DVD/VCR combo unit, the SD-V290. I have that hooked up to the SD-H400 in case I want to save something to tape. Yeah I know the quality of VHS isn't great when compared to DVD and such. The problem is that when I put the SD-H400 into Standby the SD-V290 turns on. Also if I change channels on the SD-H400 the SD-V290 changes channels as well.

I read a FAQ and saw that there was a way to change the SD-H400's remote code in the System information screen in TiVo but I do not have this option. The posts on that related issue seem to be rather old.

My TiVo software is up to date. I didn't have a regular phone line so I had to take the unit over to my mothers house to do the initial setup. Then when I got it back home I plugged it into my home network so that is now how my TiVo gets all of its updates.

Just some other background info about my first experince with this SD-H400. I hooked it up with only RF at first to do initial setup. I would get the "Welcome, Powering Up" screen then it would go blank. Let it sit there for 45 mins and nothing. Pulled the power and tried again. Welcome screen then blank again. Sometimes hittting buttons on the remote would get little "bongs" to be heard but nothing on screen. Hooked up the composite outs and same thing. Several times pulling the power cord and nothing but the "Welcome, Powering Up" screen. After about 2 hours of doing everything I could think of, in desperation, I jsut started hitting a lot of buttons on the remote and got some different sounds. Eventually I could hear some kind of "Welcome to the world of TiVo" into but no picture. Was going to take the unit back but decided on one last pulling of the power. This time I got the same "Welcome, Powering Up" but then got somthing like "Just a little bit longer" and thought that was a good sign. Eventually I got it all set up and the unit is working fine.

Also to add to the mix is an older 27" Toshiba Television (think I like Toshiba?) I got the remote to power the TV and my really old, but still working Sherwood DD receiver.

Everything is fine now cept for this one nagging issue of powering off )standby mode) of the SD-H400 and powering on of my SD-V290. I did search thru the forums here and on the web but can't find anything.

If anyone has some adivice I sure would appreciate it! I am new to TiVo but am a computer/electronics guy so I know enough to be dangerous.

--Mike in Indianapolis

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