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Posted by gsslug on 06-28-2004 01:42 AM:

Re: What should a new customer do

Originally posted by randell
I have one tv. I want to get a series 2 tivo, with a good sized drive, that can record two channels at a time. It should have at least the 80 GB hard drive, maybe the bigger one. Seems simple. But there are lots of confusing things...
Like driect tv won't sell me a good enough dtivo. So i have to get it form like circuit city or best buy. But if I get it form them, I have to pay for the dish to get the free install.

You may have to pay more to get a unit with a larger hard drive. Watch your local newspaper for ads. I see them all the time but I don't pay attention to the details because I'm not in the market. I have seen that you can get a complete setup w/DTivo for as little as $49 but it most likely has only a 40GB dirve. There are also several online vendors that will set you up. So do some Googling. Like with most things we buy as soon as we get it home we see it advertised for a better price somewhere else. Places like Good Guys have a 30 day price guarantee so if you get it from them or some other dealer that offers the 30 day price guarantee you should be OK. I paid $199 for mine so the bottom line is you have to look for the best deal at the time and jump in. Otherwise you'll never get one.
If I get the free install, and dish from direct tv. I think I have to hook up their reciever for at least a month. Though I can do that, I am not sure that meets the requirements of their contract for free install.

I had to sign up for a year which I think is standard. However you only have to use the service. DTV doesn't care what receiver you are using so hooking up a DTivo satisfies their requirements.
And the real problem, I can't seem to find out what software is on most of the dtivo's I see advertised. They don't say, and when I asked the sales guy at best buy who had claimed to have one, it became obvious he had lied about having one, cause he didn't even understand what I was talking about.

As far as software goes the software that comes on the unit may not be the latest but it will be updated automatically once you have it hooked up to a phone line. So don't worry about what software is on it.

By the way, I love me Tivo, but the IR blasting is jsut too inconsistent, and the drive is too small, and I want to be able to record two things at once...

Well getting a DTivo with a large hard drive will solve your problems.
Also, the owner of the place I rent, wants me to mount the dish on a fence... It's sturdy and all, but not all that wide. Do you think they can do it...

Just remember that if the fence rocks in the wind you may not get a good signal on windy days. It might be worth it to invest in a steel pole and sink it in concrete. You can always dig it up and take it with you when you leave.

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